TED talk

The TED talk ”Photos that bear witness to modern slavery” certainly opened my eyes to how much more common and widespread slavery is in modern society than what I had initially thought it was. Never had I imagined several generations of people enslaved by a debt as small as eighteen dollars.

I was even more surprised at the actual higher number of trafficked slaves today compared to 200 years ago. Although the talk made me feel tremendous pity towards the people affected by trafficking and slavery it also made me feel somewhat hopeful as well.

It appears political organizations such as ‘’free the slaves’’ are making good progress in halting this cruel industry and in spreading awareness of this urgent global issue.

The UN sustainable development goals

The 17 sustainable development goals certainly piqued my interest at first glance.

They were initially presented by the UN as a 15-year long plan to combat poverty, fight inequality and tackle climate change at a summit in 2015 and were swiftly adopted by world leaders across the globe consequentially rocketing the project into its initial start-up phase. 

Each of the 17 goals aim to either diminish or bolster particularly urgent aspects of our modern-day society, such as poverty or education. Personally, I hold goals 3 and 4 in high regard as I feel that they’re both crucial to help struggling countries raise their standards of living and general wellbeing.  

As for my own personal interests I would like to take a closer look at goals 15 and 9 as they very much appeal to my curiosity regarding social economics and sociology. Perhaps I could dig up some interesting statistics regarding the actual progress made by each UN country since 2015 and compare them?

Either way I very much look forward to taking a closer look at them and maybe even reading up a bit on their general effect on society and figuring out whether or whether not they’ve been as impactful as intended.